KONBIT is the word in Haitian Kreyol for gathering, collaborating and cooperating

A concept at the heart our mission.


Kombit For Haiti’s Mission is to work with its partners to advocate, develop and expand the capacity of Haitians to rebuild their own country.


We envision a Haiti that has mobilized the capacity, gifts, and talents of its civically engaged citizenry to become more vibrant and economically independent.


Founded in the wake of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 1020, Konbit For Haiti is a strategic partnership developed between the South Florida business community and the Haitian Diaspora to work together to rebuild a sustainable, resilient and inclusive Haiti.  

About us

In addition to providing relief to the people of Haiti, our mission guides us to build capacity for the South Florida Haitian community. In the aftermath of the earthquake the outpouring of support from across the world was extremely generous and the response of Haitians living abroad and local organizations has been astounding. The Haitian Diaspora represents a critical force for the country’s reconstruction. With an estimated 87% of Haitian professionals living in the United States, the pool of Haitian Diaspora offers diverse expertise.

Prior to the earthquake, Haitians sent over $1.2 billion per year to Haiti in remittances, more than double the values of Haiti’s export economy. Networks of Haitian Americans have existed for many years in the U.S., but the earthquake has brought the significance of these networks to the forefront. It’s clear that there’s enormous potential for mobilizing this interest among the Haitian Diaspora and wider solidarity movement to take part in Haiti’s reconstruction process and in supporting the people of Haiti.

Moving forward on three pillars

This year Konbit for Haiti will continue to focus our mission on improving opportunities for Haitians in the US and in Haiti. We will carry out our work by building a strong network of community-based organizations (CBOs) and narrow our focus to three programs: (1) Fellowship; (2) Capacity Building; and (3) Advocacy. The three programs